Die letzten Meldungen

Neues IT-Kursprogramm bis Oktober online

28. Juni 2017

Neue Kurse sind online. Studierende als Kursleiter für Excel & Co gesucht.

Apple-Day am 06. Juli 2017 am RRZE, 10 – 16 Uhr

26. Juni 2017

Am 06. Juli 2017 findet am RRZE wieder der traditionelle Apple-Day statt.

Störungen der Datennetzversorgung im Bereich der Tentoria-Süd / Bürocontainer E-Technik (Behoben)

21. Juni 2017

Durchtrennung der LWL/Glasfaser-Anbindung zwischen RRZE und Tentoria durch laufende Tiefbauarbeiten (Bagger).

Meldungen nach Thema


Personal email address for students in fau.de

Starting 11th of February 2014 14:00 all students have to reserve and activate a personal email address in IdM-Portal within section External Link:  Requests/Tasks. Deadline for this will be 30th of November 2014. If you already have an @fau.de email address because are doing a PhD or worked as student assistant or research assistant, you don't need to reserve a new email address, just make sure it is reachable (as described below). The personal email addresses have the following structure: firstname.initials.lastname@fau.de. The initials part can be made up of parts of first- and lastname. The web page to reserve an email address will suggest multiple email addresses, out of which the user can choose and activate one. Users can enter an optional shortname or middlename, which will be used to suggest more email addresses, which use the short- or middlename instead of the firstname. Multiple firstnames (in IdM) will be used to build the firstname part as well.

Reachability of the new email address

The delivery options for the previously reserved email address can be set up later in the web page. If the user already has a FAUMail mailbox (Dovecot) provided by the RRZE it will be listed as one of the delivery options. All other destination addresses have to be entered in the field Forwarding to an already existing email address. The changes will take effect within three hours.

Important: After an email address within the domain @fau.de is reserved, this address will be the primary email address in IdM. University mail distribution lists and online portals like mein campus, studOn and others will use this address only. Important information sent by the university, the student record office, examination office or the above mentioned portals will be sent to the newly reserved email address. Make sure, that the new address delivers correctly!

If you chose undeliverable in the web page when allocating the new email address or you entered a wrong forwarding address you can change it any time at External Link:  IdM-Portal. Just click on the three dots of the context menu next to your new email address, then choose Show. Scroll down to the box for Email delivery: Mailbox/Forwarding and set up the new address accordingly.

Using the new @fau.de address as sender address

Using your new address as sender address is only allowed when using the smtp-server smtp-auth.fau.de. The login for the smtp-server is new fau.de email address and the IdM password. More information on the mailservers can be found at Adressen der Mailserver im Überblick.

Validity of your old email addresses

Your already existing email addresses will not be disabled by these changes and can be used for receiving mails. The ability to use the old email address as sender address is only guaranteed until the end of the deadline (see above). After that we may restrict the usage of old addresses as sender addresses without further notice. Hence we recommend to use the new @fau.de email address as sender address.

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